How does KEEVIR approach to OEM?

Rather than simply requesting the OEM factory to incorporate the logo, the approach of KEEVIR to OEM was born out of the hypothesis that it might be possible to change the shape of the clothing by embroidering a single logo.

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So this is our fundamental idea in terms of running the institution. We believe that the significance of our brand’s existence in the world is not to criticize fast fashion from a single aspect, but to break down its components and hack its existing structure, and we hope that people will wear this idea itself.

FUTURE PROSPECTWe don’t have to do this like damn seriously, but this project scopes that there will be a most comfortable way for people at factory, and any others who gets involved this project.

HOW?Like... we create a method called “pinching,” that is an embroidery technique in which the front and back of a garment are deliberately overlaid to change the silhouette of the garment and the elasticity of the fabric.